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I have been online for nearly 3 years. I initially started in MLM and when after 2 years I had not found the big success my upline was always promoting me on I became very frustrated. I had attended all overseas training of the company, plus monthly local trainings and had spent myself out of savings by then. My monthly advertising budget was never below A$ 1,200. And the business running costs topped around A$ 1,000 incl. websites, internet, phonebill, mobile, postage and the CD’s I had to buy to show prospects the business plan! I did earn between 2,000-3,000$/months, but it went straight out the window paying for my high advertising and business overheads. Believe me when I say that I even had a very good deal with my phone company.

But I spent hours on the phone chasing prospects and customers. So when things just never got better. (Actually they got worse, as I lost most of my downline because THEY couldn’t sustain themselves financially for the long run!) So my cheque didn’t grow, but my expenses kept the same. My upline would say to me ” just keep doing what you do and it will happen”. My was I stupid and green. What happened is that I helped paying for their cheques with my gullible believe system. I know now, that our approach to recruiting was ALL wrong. And on the odd chance of upsetting some high rollers in MLM here I state that MOST MLM companies do their training wrong! Their distributor affiliated websites and autoresponders (if they have them) are not set up the right way and irrate the prospects more, then to give them value.

Once I realised that I wasn’t the failure (as upline would have liked me to believe) I quit the system. I knew then that the System had failed me! It had failed me to teach me smart marketing practices, it failed me to teach me how to write effective copy, it failed me in teaching me that a capture page has to be minimal and  most important HAS to be changeable by the ditributor. It FAILED ME!

I then spent 10 months and a couple of thousand dollars to re-educate myself on internet marketing. And what I know today is a direct result of the hours upon hours I spent learning the hard way.

So my aim is to open up your eyes! Especially if you are in MLM. You are only a failure if you give up within your first 6 months without having made a honest real effort at building your MLM.  I would say that more than half of all the people I got to know in my MLM were making a honest effort and I don’t know of ANYONE, who made it in terms of earning the cash we deserve. Oh yes, some climbed the ladder alright and they looked great on stage; but they made no money. STOP buying into the hype of the big MLM companies! Realise that it needs a lot of effort and money to last the distance, before you start to be cashflow positive!

That’s why you need to have multiple streams of income. Your affiliate programs and internet businesses are designed to give you immediate cashflow to pay for your advertising and leave you with some spare cash. Your MLM or Network Marketing  company is for the residual long term income and needs time.

Despite the fact I was financially badly burned in my first MLM, I’m still in love with the structure  and the principle of Network Marketing. The difference today for me is the way I do my marketing. These days it is smart marketing. 😉


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