Email Net-iquette

We all heard the following statement before: “you only have one chance to make a good first impression.” And in email communications, the first impression is the most important, as it is visual (a consumer LOOKS and SEES before he/she READS.)

You wouldn’t want to walk into a grimy, dimly lit shop either, would you? The same principle applies to email net-iquette. If we want to attract people to our emails, we will have to adhere to some rules and asthetics!

Most likely you would have seen some rather dull and ugly looking emails received in your inbox?! I admit, I’m guilty myself of sending them. You know what I’m talking about: an orange background and yellow borders, multi-colored text in all sizes from gigantic to microscopic, a message that looks like it was created by a crazed toddler? And to top it all off, there were so many animated moving objects, you felt like you came off a spinning wheel. DIZZY- If you did, I bet you didn’t feel the urge to read that email, did you? You probably just deleted it as quickly as possible.


You want your email message to be friendly and inviting, not weired and scary. The suggestions below, and they’re just suggestions, not hard and fast rules will go a long way towards making recipients eyes say “come on in and explore” to your message.


Try NOT to use use COLOR fonts in your message. (Leave that to junior high girls who want to write about Paris and her latest squeeze) Use BLACK TEXT ON A WHITE BACKGROUND. When you’re “speaking” in black and white, people will give their full attention to your message without being distracted by your color scheme. DON’T use UNCOMMON FONTS. If someone’s system doesn’t recognize the font you’ve selected, they could see gibberish instead of your brilliant message.

DO use the email marketers FAVORITE FONTS: Arial, Times New Roman, and Courier New

==> And please

DON`T use flashing buttons or banners in your email! Your prospects have undoubtedly gotten their fill of “flashy blink” when they’ve surfed the Internet. They don’t need more from you.


An email hyperlink is just geek-talk for a link in your email to a website, or email address. Sounds simple enough, and it is (unless you try to contact a prospect on AOL who may not be able to receive “clickable” links.)

Don’t worry. There’s a “solution” for this:  simply type mailto: in front of your email address ==> no space in between, and
include the : <==

For a link to a web page, you need to write your link this way:

And don’t forget to tell your recipient that they can copy and paste this link into their browser if it’s not highlighted.


Today, it’s common practice on the Internet to tell people about your product or service with a SIGNATURE TAG, which is 3-6 lines of text (usually) that is automatically added to every message you send. This can add to your bottom line of business. Especially if you are marketing products. If you make it easy for people to visit your site by clicking on the hyperlink, then you will automatically get more hits.

To add a tag to your messages, simply open your email program. Find the SIGNATURES TAB (for example: located in the
TOOLS/OPTIONS menu in Outlook Express). Just follow the easy instructions for creating a sig file. You will find it simple enough and be amazed at the results.
Have fun 😉


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