Deciding What To sell

So how can we make a decision on what to actually sell? There are virtually thousands upon thousands of products on sale on the Internet. Whether you sell on Ebay, from a Website, or you become a Clickbank affiliate, it doesn’t really matter. What is important is to be 100% sure of what you want to sell on the Net and then take it from there.

This is certainly the foundation of your online success, because without a product, you could create the best web sites and sales pages in the world, but the chances of creating success for yourself will be slim. You must have a product to deliver. And it helps, if you are passionate about. So where do you start?

Think about your current knowledge base. What do you know how to do really well? What are you good at? Have you got any hobbies? Cooking, Sports, Writing, Scrapbooking. Is there a field of expertise you know more about than the average person? You can offer information about your hobby or your unique skills and sell those online. People are always looking for helpful info on how to improve themselves in all fields. Perhaps you have created a unique and particular method of doing something useful. Anything you have information about that others are not as familiar with is great to sell online. Do an online search on your hobbies or area of expertise. Notice how many training manuals there are. Do you think they are there just to be there, or is someone earning an income selling them?

Notice if there are particular areas of expertise  in your hobby or field where there are few, if any educational titles. That might be the perfect thing for you to write about. Create an informational product that teaches people what you know that they don’t know. The secret here is to find a niche product, which is largely untapped. This could save you a lot of money in advertising costs.

Keep in mind you aren’t the first to ever think about writing an informational product, so you may have to search a little to find something that has not been written about already. Or you might notice that what is on the market is outdated or unclear. Could you create a better product than what is out there already? Having said that, the work from home Industry is probably one of the highest competing Industries out there and even if you come up with content or information that already exists, try to add value to it and make it your own!

If after reading this, you are still unclear of what to produce, then these Ideas might help you and give you some inspiration:
Cooking: An Ebook with recipes, targeted to age, locations, topic…

Coaching in a particular Sport: An article of how to train better, going into details of maybe how to develop a winning mindset, etc.

Writing: A manual on how to write more effectively for profit!

How to Run an Work from Home Business: A helpful report, Blog, Ebook on running an Internet Business. This is especially helpful, if you had failed in the past and you want to warn people of potential traps or pitfalls within the Industry. This will also give you credit as an experienced Marketer and people will build trust in YOU.

Scrapbooking: Show what you are good at. It can help provide an extensive learning manuals for a rookie, and you will have fun teaching people your hobbies!

I think you are getting the idea here? ANYTHING you can do that not everyone else knows how to do is an opportunity for you to develop a product and market it.

To your success 😉


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