A Newbies Guide To Article Posting

How many times have you read the following? If you want to expand your home based business and build an online reputation as an expert in your choosen field, then one thing you can do is write and submit Ezine articles. Sounds simple? However, when I first started, I found the task very daunting. So I will share with you what I have learned.

Firstly you need to write an article. Write on a topic you know something about. Some ideas you have learned building your Internet business, something related to your Business Opportunity or maybe a Hobby or Investment Opportunity you have. Ensure it is interesting and informative and not just an advertisement for your home business. The most popular articles are between 300 – 750 words. To find your word count, go to <i>“tools”</i> in the Windows menu. There is an automatic word count tab there. Some Ezines want articles to contain 65 characters a line. You can search for a free formatting tool for free conversion to the number of characters you want. I do not pay for any listings, nor do I charge for my articles.

Here are some tips from Ezinearticles.com on writing good articles. “The first 4 words of the title are crucial to its success. The introduction can be the first paragraph. Make sure the article is keyword rich and reflects the theme of your home based business. Never put the title in the body. Never use more than 3 web addresses and they should all be different. Print a copy, proof read it, and then ask someone else to read it. Your article should look professional, with no spelling mistakes or vague sentences.

When you are satisfied with your article, start submitting it to Ezines and Ezine directories. Look for Ezines designed for work at home people, or whatever your article is related to. It is often more time efficient to write a few articles and submit them all together. It is time consuming to manually submit. Some can be submitted through the actual website, others want email attachments. Some Ezines want to you to subscribe to them, before you can submit articles. Establish an email address just for Ezines. Consider an address that matches your business, for example if you sell weight loss products use something like loseweight@yourprovider.com Once you start submitting articles you will receive a lot of spam. However, you need to read through them, as sometimes there is a request to re-use an article or a request for more articles and sometimes compliments.
Some people use different URL’s for every Ezine they submit to. I have not done this as once your articles are out in cyberspace they can be picked up by anyone. So you really do not know where the traffic is coming from. This is the beauty of the Internet. Good articles are used over and over by many Ezine owners.
It is imperative to include a “resource box” or “signature file” at the end of your article. This is your opportunity to describe your business in a few lines and include your own URL.

Do some searches for Ezine directories. Here are some addresses to get you started. I cannot guarantee they are all still current.

Since I have been writing and submitting articles my home business has grown. Many people who are looking for a Business Opportunity are reading Ezines for information. Welcome to the wonderful word of Ezine writers. I wish you good luck and success with your own endeavours.
About the Author:
Monika Mundell is a successful Internet Marketer. To learn how you can create an income stream from your home that will replace your job and develop true financial freedom visit: GlobalVideoWorld now.


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