Home Business Scams and How to Avoid Them

November 13, 2006

Many websites claim to offer get rich quick schemes and home business opportunities. There are actually people, who do make money at home through these jobs, but many of these so-called opportunities are scams. So how do you know the what’s real and what isn’t? The following are some tips which can help you in avoiding home business scams.

==> Always use some common sense: If you are looking because you’re short on money and desperate for an income, it can be easy to convince yourself of the hype you will read online. Look at the offers objectively. Put yourself into the shoes of the marketer. What phrases would he use to push YOUR hot- buttons? Many scams try to make you believe, that you will become rich basically overnight with hardly a finger lifted on your behalf. Often, these websites claim there is some “secret” for making money that is just now being released and if you don’t act now, the price will go up or it will be too late for you to cash in on the front end! Before you get sucked into buying this type of information, take a moment to ask yourself the question, why it’s being sold. Put the brakes on and step outside your shoes, look at the offer from other angles. Evaluate!!! If the offer is shaped up to be what it claims, why is the person claiming it to be the “best” still selling it instead of sipping pina- coladas at the beach?

==> Be aware of pyramid schemes: These are programs that pay you to recruit but don’t really have a product to sell. You get paid by getting other people to join the system under you. Please don’t confuse this with a legal MLM which has real products you need to retail! It’s kind of like the letters you get in the mail with 5 names on it. You send the person at the top $5 and your name will then get added at the bottom. When your name eventualy rises to the top, you will get paid $5 from every participant. This is totaly illegal and if you get caught participating in these schemes once the compnay goes bust, you will put yourself in harms way as often you will be prosecuted!These schemes only work  for those who start the pyramid scheme! Be warned.

==> Another classic is for you having to pay to stuff envelopes or make other products: They will then provide you with a useless list of companies that may pay you to do these things. Often you will never get the work they promised and if you do eventually get an assignement, they will only pay a pittance! You shoudn’t have to pay to get work from anybody upfront.

==> Use your common sense: If something offers you easy attained riches, then run for the hills. Listen to your gut feeling about these easy offers and do NOT GET SCAMMED!

Some good websites to get info from: http://www.scambusters.org/   

Email Hoaxes: http://www.hoax-slayer.com/        

Internet Crime Complaint Center:  http://www.ic3.gov/


E-Book Pro – An Alltime Classic!

November 11, 2006

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E – Commerce

November 9, 2006

Business on the Internet is also known as as E-Commerce. In today marketplace it is essential to your success to implement e-commerce. It gives business owners a huge advantage to be marketing from the Internet besides maybe having an offline business storefront. Many business owners do business completely through e-commerce. Especially in the work from home industry. Their customers come from the Internet, their communication is Internet based, and they don’t have to pay huge fees and overheads for a traditional “brick and mortar” business.

Some businesses have both a storefront and an Internet presence. This is also called limited e-commerce. Just think of popular stores you shop at, who also maintain a web presence where they can take orders. Like “Target”for example. This is a good example of limited e-commerce.

Almost any businesses, from large multi-billion dollar corporations to individual home business owners can benefit from a web presence. A website is a sign of your professionalism. It makes for ease of doing business and is a lot quicker than direct sales. A web-page can offer informational value, or it can be designed to generate leads. Often it is a combination of both.

The best way to serve your customers or prospective customers is through direct response marketing. A presence on the web shows that you understand today’s technology and the customer’s need for information.  A good website shows customers why they would benefit from working with you. And it helps in building a trust based relationship.

If you want to be involved in e-commerce game, then the first thing you need to do is  finding a good e-commerce web-host. With a good host you will be able to set up a site easily. It will also give you options for making your site stand out from your competition.

It should have auto-responders for contacting your clients, an easy way to make a purchase, and several options for payment. Pay-pal should be an essential part of that process, as many prospective buyers who don’t know you already will make a purchase, if you allow Pay-pal on your site. The reason for this is that it is widely known and trusted. Even if you are only selling one product you want to make it as easy as possible for the customer to buy it. The buying process should be automated down to the last grain and will make marketing a lot easier for you as a business owner.

People turn to the internet for almost everything today. If you are not part of the community already, then you should consider it now.  It’s time to start using e-commerce.

A good recommended source is: www.1shoppingcart.com                                     Money is In Right System        

Learning from Successful Home Business Owners

November 8, 2006

Home businesses are extremely popular these days and their popularity continues to grow. The internet is crowded with home business seekers. These individuals are expressing an interest in this type of work as it provides them with a certain level of freedom that a normal 9 to 5 job may not provide them.  They can work from home, stay home with their children, avoid long commutes and be their own boss.  When considering these aspects, it is easy to see why this type of work is such a popular choice.  Search Engines are crowded with opportunities galore and this makes the task for a person about to do the  transition much harder. The first thing we should do in our research for the right home business, is to look at those who are already successful in their home based businesses. Doing this can provide us with invalid information on what to do and what not, to build our business. For those who wish to learn more about home business success stories as they contemplate getting involved in this line of work, there are a few places where such stories can be found.

Read Home Business Success Stories on the Internet:

The Internet is a wealth of knowledge just waiting for interested parties to take advantage thereof.  There are many websites, forums and chat rooms which detail this type of business and provide an avenue in which home business owners can chat with one another and perhaps pick up good tips as well.  Home business success stories are also readily available on websites relating to this topic and one is sure to find a number of stories to bide their time with.

Purchase Home Business Books or Ebooks:

Books which relate to home businesses are also continuing to grow in number.  Since more and more individuals are starting their own home businesses, there are more individuals who are writing books about the subject and detailing their success stories relating to such.  Home business books are beneficial for a few different reasons.

One who reads home business books will find that these books describe the business for the reader.  This will provide the reader with valuable information as to running a home business.  Also, home business books are beneficial as they provide success stories for the reader.  These types of success stories are ones which will provide the reader with the confidence that they too can start up and run a successful home business.  One will find a large variety of books which detail home businesses as well as home business success stories.

Read Blogs from Home Business Owners:

Blogs are an amazing platform for individuals to express themselves. It is like a personal diary of the individuals experiences. On home based business related blogs you will find a wealth of solid and useful information that is often targeted toward a particular field of home work you might be interested in. It will also give you tons of information on advertising methods and you can pick up many tips. This can provide you with a great insider knowledge before you actually take the step or the risk.

Friends and Family Members:

Lastly, home business success stories can be gained from friends and family members as well.  Since home businesses are so popular, one may know someone close to them who runs a home business and they can listen to the success stories told by these individuals.  Home business success stories provided by friends and family members are quite valuable as they are coming from a trusted source and many times the individual inquiring about such stories have seen the success stories personally.


Learning about home business success stories is a great thing to do as it provides individuals not only with tips for their own businesses but the confidence to pursue their goals and dreams relating to running their own home business. 

Strategies for your Internet Business

November 7, 2006

==> Internet Business Strategies Which Will Make One’s Business Run More Smoothly

Internet businesses are extremely popular job ventures this day in time.  There are so many different types of Internet businesses  which individuals can run from the comfort of their own home . That makes this quite a valuable option for individuals.  By running an Internet business, one does not have to deal with the hassle of a long commute and can even stay home with the children while making an income.  When considering the best Internet business strategies, there are a few ones in particular which will make one’s business run that much more smoothly. 

==> Research

One of the best Internet business strategies to keep in mind relates to research.  Researching various topics relating to the Internet business is vital for a few different reasons.  First, by doing one’s research on Internet business topics, the individual is learning the best way to run the business as well as any tips which may enable the business owner to make more money.  Secondly, performing research in relation to business enables the owner to keep up on changes and trends in the business subject matter area which gives them a boost in the business world. It also saves cash on the bottom line.

==> Construct a Business Plan

Prior to starting an Internet business  it is crucial for the business owner to construct a well thought out business plan.  This business plan must contain all information necessary for the successful running of a business.  The plan must address issues such as product information, overhead and selling strategies.  This business plan will be the general guideline for the business owner to follow when it comes to the daily routine of their business. Much like going on a planned holiday were you need a map, you will need a plan for your business.

==> Maintain Realistic Objectives and Goals

It is important to stay well grounded when pursuing an Internet business.  Those who try to operate Internet businesses with the sole goal of getting rich quick may find that they are disappointed along the way.  Although some Internet businesses will take off quickly and successfully, this is not the case all around.  Therefore, it is important to maintain realistic objectives and goals when pursuing one’s Internet business. It also helps to study the masters of the Internet.

==> Make Changes to the Business Plan Along the Way

In addition, the business plan which one creates at the inception of an Internet business should not remain stagnant.  As needs, objectives and goals change along the way, so will the original business plan.  Therefore, it is important to review the business plan from time to time and make any necessary changes so as to effectuate the running of a successful Internet business. Much like a detour on the road. Sometimes taking a shortcut will get you there quicker and other times we willhave to take the longer, definate road instead.

==> Conclusion

The previously mentioned items are just a few of the many strategies which one should pursue when running their own Internet business.  By keeping these in mind, one may find that their Internet business will run a lot more smoothly along the way. You willfind some handy information in the 33 days to online profits.

Affiliate Secrets

November 7, 2006

Ewen Chia’s Affiliate weapon Are you an affiliate marketer lost in cyberspace? How much stuff have you read in the past few weeks/months? If you want a quick and easy, cost effective system that instructs you what to do, then look no further. Just click on the bookcover to get your free ebook and much more now! Ewen has told us that he might remove this ridicolous offer at any moment.

Have You Considered Learning How To Write Effective Copy?

November 7, 2006

What really is copy?
Quote from en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Copywriting
Copywriting is the process of writing a piece of literature with the object of promoting a person, business, opinion, or idea. It may be used as plain text, as a radio or television advertisement, or in a variety of other media. The main purpose of this type of writing this marketing copy, or promotional text, is to persuade the listener or reader to act — to buy a product or ascribe to a certain viewpoint, for instance…

As you can see, this is what is called smart marketing. The purpose of all the business owners in the world is to make money and spend as little as possible advertising their businesses. Unfortunately there are many that never make a cent, they even loose a lot of their hard earned cash in wrong advertising! This is a huge problem especially in the Network Marketing Industry. Having a ton of competitors in any given system, advertising the same opportunity, products and more doesn’t seem to help either. That’s were the art of copywriting comes into place.
So how can “Joe Normal” cost-effectively advertise his/her business without spending him-/herself into banrupcy; this is really simple. In order to be able to compete in the ever growing marketplace, either online or offline, we have to learn to master copywriting. Without it, we might as well shut shop! Why do you think so many marketers, especially in MLM fail? Yes, you guessed it. A lack of copywriting skills.

The best way to learn effective copywriting is to study the masters of the craft. See how they apply the art to their marketing materials and learn from them.